Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week of 2 June 1953

Tuesday, 2 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

Dreadful weather, bitterly cold, downpours of rain and practically no sun. I left the house at 9 am and got down quite easily to Stanhope Court Hotel. Enid, Lil, Mabel and I all lunched together but first watched the Procession and abbey service by television. Disappointing as far as we were concerned as our sight was too blurred. I had tea with Enid and got home about 7 o'clock. Listened to the Queen's speech and to Winston. Both very good.

Took 2 Soneryl

Friday, 5 June

Hester and Dickie slept here

Sun shining at last and a very happy day for me as Wilma turned up about 11 o'clock and stayed till 4.30 and we had a lovely time together. Hester was here most of the time and she and Wilma always click. Tonight she and Dickie have gone to the premier of A Beggar's Opera (filmed) with Sir Lawrence Olivier in the leading part. We rang up Ringshall this evening and learned that Alice was still very poorly with a temperature of 103.5 but the others are better.

Sunday, 7 June

Hester and Dickie slept here

Hester cooked us a lovely shoulder of lamb with accessories. In the afternoon they went to see Awly whilst I rested on the sofa. They came back to tea but went off later to dine with a friend. We rang up Ringshall - all going well.

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