Saturday, 13 October 2012

Week of 25 May 1953

47 Hamilton Terrace

Betty and Alice slept here

Saturday, 30 May

Caught the 12.30 at Paddington for Newbury, where busses took us to Newbury - an 11 mile drive. I was delighted with the school and children. Anne and Bram and Peter were there. They came by car from Streatley  and took Sarah back with them afterwards. We brought Alice back and arrived here at 8.45. Rather less tired than when I started.

Sunday, 31 May

I did not go to church but Bet and Alice went to a 9.30 service. They left at 12 o'clock to meet Barnaby at Waterloo and hoped to see a lot of decorations before catching a 5 o'clock train from Liverpool St. I had equipped them with a picnic lunch.

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