Friday, 26 October 2012

Week of 27 July 1953

Thursday, 30 July

47 Hamilton Terrace

Pippa and Oswald turned up rather late for a picnic lunch. They brought their own sandwiches and I provided cider and ice cream. Afterwards they went to Lords for the Marlborough v Rugby match which Rugby won by 1 run. Later Nicky and James came in for a snack supper whilst P and O went to a cocktail party nearby. They all left for CH at 8 o'clock.

Friday, 31 July

47 Hamilton Terrace - Troughend

Sarah arrived in a taxi from Paddington about 10.45 and amused herself in the house whilst I went and procured food in Clifton Rd. After an early lunch we caught a 2.36 train to Colchester where Anne and Peter met us in the car, both of them looking very well. After tea we went down to Mrs French's and picked raspberries and sweet peas. The cottage felt damp and chilly and everyone felt very tired.

Saturday, 1 August


Sarah spent the afternoon with their new neighbours the Swaynes near Boxted church. After tea Anne drove Peter and me down to fetch her home and we spent some time in the house and garden (both lovely) and we had drinks. I had been there perhaps 25 years ago in Mrs Henderson's time. She was a relation of Dick Pemberton's.

Sunday, 2 August

Terry Swayne called for Sarah in the morning and took her back for lunch, and then Mrs Swayne took the whole carload to Frinton where they bathed and had a tea picnic.

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