Thursday, 15 November 2012

Week of 18 January 1954

Monday, 18 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Pippa slept here

Awly saw the children off at Paddington after lunch and then came back. Pippa arrived at 4 o'clock and they had tea together, and then Awly departed. She had been most useful.

Tuesday, 19 February

Pippa slept here

Pippa very helpful and did some shopping on her own as well. Philippa came out in the evening for an hour to show us a suit she had bought and was very disappointed with! Bet rang up and has arranged to come tomorrow with Johnny and look after me over the weekend. I rang up Anne and heard that Paul is better.

Thursday, 21 January

Bets and Johnny slept here

Bet and Johnny arrived about 12 o'clock. Pont's date for flying to Suez has been postponed till next Tuesday and he is to come here and double up in the spare room. Bet got herself a skirt as Pippa's birthday present in the afternoon.

Friday, 22 January

Bet, Pont and Johnny slept here

Bet shopped locally for me in the morning  and Pont turned up for lunch. He brought me daffodils and was quite easy and friendly. They all three went shopping in the afternoon, and after Johnny was in bed, went to Ladies Prefer Blondes, a rotten choice.

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