Thursday, 15 November 2012

Week of 25 January 1954

Monday, 25 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Bet, Johnny and Hester slept here

Pont left at 7 am for Aldershot. I went out the length of the Terrace after lunch. Hester turned up for tea looking blooming and in the best possible spirits. After supper I went to bed and listened to Jean Anouilh's Voyageur sans bagage.

Tuesday, 26 January

Reg slept here

Hester caught a 12 o'clock train back to Aylesbury and Bet and Johnny a 1.30 to Stowmarket.

Reg arrived at 6 o'clock after already having had tea with Enid. I have never seen him look better.

Thursday, 28 January

Arctic! I scorched by bthe fire all day. Reg left at 8.30 am and rang me up at lunch time to give an account of the spectacular conditions. Pippa did the same in the evening.

Saturday, 30 January

Dickie rang me up in the morning to say that he had taken Hester in to the hospital at Aylesbury the previous night but nothing doing yet.

Sunday, 31 January

Hester's daughter was born at 7 am today. I found a message from Dickie to that effect when I got back from church. I rang up immediately for a bulletin. He could not tell me much as he had not seen H but was afraid she had had rather a rough time.

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