Sunday, 4 November 2012

Week of 19 October 1953

Monday, 19 October

Red Lion Hotel - 47 Hamilton Terrace

I drove with Reg to Tilbury and he caught the ferry. I then lunched at the station and took a train to Fenchurch St, arriving home at 4 o'clock. Altogether a very happy trip and I feel a lot better for it.

Friday, 23 October

Jeremy Le Mesurier slept here

Awly arrived at 6 and Jeremy soon after 8 in his little Morris car. Awly saw to supper and afterwards he drove her back to Sumner place.

Saturday, 24 October

Jeremy Le Mesurier slept here

Helped Jeremy get his breakfast and then he drove off to his tailor, bank etc.He had meant to go racing but decided otherwise and I found him here at lunchtime! Luckily Clara was able to find something. Afterwards he rang up Awly and they are going to a film together. Jeremy came back for a bath and then fetched Awly. They and Robin Herbert had drinks at the Coq d'Or, then went to Carrington VC and finished with dinner at the Berkely Grill.

Sunday, 25 October

I rang up Anne in the evening, rather low poor thing. And Pips rang me up. I am giving Philippa bed and breakfast on Thursday 3rd November and putting her up on the 5th also.

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  1. I was fascinated to read this, as I knew Jeremy Le Mesurier (1934-2004). He married his first cousin Elizabeth, whose mother Sylvia was the sister of Jeremy's mother Diana. (Sylvia and Diana's maiden name was Meysey-Thompson.) Jeremy thus became a step father to Elizabeth's daughter Caroline who is a great friend of mine. We are wondering how you are related? I am doing Caroline's family tree at the moment.