Saturday, 10 November 2012

Week of 21 December 1953

Wednesday, 23 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

A very busy day with 11th hour preparations for Christmas. Oswald turned up at lunchtime with the Xmas chicken, presents, flowers etc. He had a drink and gave me all the family news but did not stay for lunch.

Thursday, 24 December

Mabel slept here

A lovely sunny Christmas Eve. I got up early and had a mass of things to do before Lil and Mabel arrived in a taxi at 11.30, neither of them looking a bit well. But we had drinks and then a lovely lunch with the CH chicken and the Studley pudding and a bottle of Beaujolais.

Friday, 25 December

Mabel slept here

A lovely sunny Christmas Day and Mabel and I had a very happy day together. We both spent the morning in our respective churches and came back for a cold lunch. After listening to the Queen's Speech from New Zealand we rested till tea (Studley cake) and afterwards opened our presents in the drawing room. A magnificent array!

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