Thursday, 15 November 2012

Week of 22 February 1954

Tuesday, 23 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

In the afternoon I got an unexpected phone message from Dollie Ettinger to know if she might come to tea. I was feeling very tired and it meant giving up my rest, but I was very glad to see her after so long.

Friday, 26 February

I was busy in the morning preparing for a "tea party" - only Kathleen, Charmian and Mabel, but I always dread them! Also it was one of my very tired days. We had tea in the drawing room - a very good tea but it was very sticky though Mabel was a great help in keeping things going. Charmian brought me some lovely tulips and daffs.

Saturday, 27 February

About 11 o'clock a taxi drove up with a lovely assortment of spring flowers with a line from Reg, sending me his "salutations" on the coming of spring. A charming and typical gesture.

Sunday, 28 February

Bet rang up in the evening. She and Johnny are going home on Wednesday and I am meeting them at Baker St in the morning and we will lunch somewhere before they go on to Liverpool St.

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