Thursday, 22 November 2012

Week of 5 April 1954

Friday, 9 April

47 Hamilton Terrace

Awly, Sarah and Sylvia slept here

Sarah and Sylvia arrived at 11.30 and were no trouble, but still!! Awly turned up at 6 and was most helpful but I thought she was rather under the weather.

Saturday, 10 April

Awly slept here

Awly took the children by Radio Taxi to St Pancras and saw them off by the 9 o'clock train for Hellifield. Awly got me my supper on her return from Richmond Park. Pippa and Bet both phoned me in the evening. It was a lovely day.

Sunday, 11 April

Awly left after lunch by train for Chelmsford where she was meeting James and driving back with him to town. I sat out on the loggia for an hour in lovely sunshine. 

Enid is 82 today.

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