Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Week of 23 November 1953

Wednesday, 25 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Phoned Anne when I got back. She returned to Troughend this morning. Sounded a bit low and very cold. Pippa rang up later for news of her and I also rang Mabel who was very tired.

Thursday, 26 November

I rang up Troughend. Anne said she felt better and certainly sounded more cheerful. Then rang up Notley and spoke to both Hester and Betty. Hester said she felt a lot beter and as far as she could make out the examination in the hospital was satisfactory.

Saturday, 28 November

I rang up Troughend this evening and spoke to both Bram and Anne. All sounded well and cheerful. He goes back to Yorkshire tomorrow.

Sunday, 29 November

Bet slept here

Bets arrived about 12.30 and we lunched together and had a lovely long talk. Awly arrived later and we had a very early tea and supper, and then Bet went down with Awly to see her room. Bet rang up Hester. She and Dickie were going over to drinks at the Abbey and all sounded cheerful.

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