Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Week of 30 November 1953

Monday, 30 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Bet breakfasted in my room and left the house at 8.45 for her Xmas shopping. I met her at Bumpers at 12 and we lunched together and then shopped for a couple of hours. I got a black evening bag at Fenwick to give to Awly for Xmas.

Tuesday, 1 December

Pippa turned up at 2 o'clock and Philippa soon after and they went off to shop and then to London Laughs. Pippa brought me some lovely rosebuds and some iris stylosa. I planted the remainder of the bulbs.

Friday, 4 December

Anne rang up tonight to say that they are moving up to Yorkshire tomorrow week. Bram is taking half a house on a six-month tenancy. It doesn't sound ideal but it will be better than going on as at present.

Sunday, 6 December

Heard from Troughend that they had all been over to Ringshall and had got home all right in spite of thick fog. Anne sounded more cheerful. I may possibly go down on Wed just for the day to see her and Paul.

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