Sunday, 16 December 2012

Week of 1 November 1954

Monday, 1 November

The dockers went back to work this morning but have started a fresh strike this afternoon!

Tuesday, 2 November

Felt very tired all day but perked up for Bet's arrival at 7.30 and we had a perfectly delightful tête à tête evening and much talk of wedding plans.

Wednesday, 3 November

A poor night and I felt very overtired - such a pity for the family gathering. Hester, Louise and Wilma arrived in the Olivier van about 11.30 - not Dickie or Woof. Louise is perfectly sweet. Bet planred my front garden with polyanthus roses which she had brought up as an Xmas present from herself and Wilma. Bet and Hester went out shopping after lunch but Wilma stayed with me and Louise.

Thursday, 4 November

I had a very happy day shopping with Bet both morning and afternoon. She helped me with my Christmas shopping and we got through a tremendous lot. She left about 6.30 to catch the 7.30 back to Stowmarket.

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