Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Week of 20 December 1954

Monday, 20 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

Shopped up at Swiss Cottage and after lunch went to Fortnum and Mason and got honey for Oswald. Awly and james came to supper and brought me a most lovely pink cyclamen.

Tuesday, 21 December

James Flecker turned up at 10 o'clock and I fed him on tea and cakes till Pippa and Nicky turned up in the car soon after 11 o'clock. They went shopping and came back for a 1.30 lunch. Went off about 3 o'clock to collect Philippa from her school.

I phoned Awly in the morning and heard a sad account of things at Ringshall.

Wednesday, 22 December

James and Awly arrived for an hour in the evening (very nice) and later Hester rang me up, and later still I rang up Awly.

Friday, 24 December

Mabel slept here

A lovely day. Lil and Mabel drove over in time for lunch - cockerel from CH, pudding from Anne washed down with Beaujolais and Oswald's sloe gin. Clara cooked very well. Lil was in great form but left soon afterwards.

Saturday, 25 December

Mabel slept here

We listened to the Queen's Speech in our respective bedrooms (rather disappointing). The nicest part of the day was listening in by firelight to the Vienna Boys Choir and to Robert Donat reading poetry. Not a very happy day.

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