Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Week of 20 September 1954

Monday, 20 September

47 Hamilton Terrace

Everything went wrong today. Clara did not turn up and I had to stay indoors till after tea to open the door to various tradesmen. Michael Bruce turned up unexpectedly just as I was about ot have some lunch. I did not recognize him. He stayed for about an hour. After tea Mr Frank Shirley from next door came to suggest schemes for selling the bottom of my garden. It will have to go before Reg.

Tuesday, 21 September

Bet slept here

Nicky and James Flecker lunched before meeting P and O at St Sepulchre's. Bet turned up for tea before seeing Alice and Barnaby off to their respective schools. She is very happy about Awly's engagement. We had a delightful tête à tête evening. A lot of telephoning.

Wednesday, 22 September

Bet left after breakfast to get back to Hester, Dickie and Louise who are at Ringshall.

Thursday, 23 September

James MacLachlan and Awly arrived about 6 o'clock for drinks - the first time I had seen them since their engagement was announced. I liked him greatly and they seemed awfully happy.

Sunday, 26 September

After supper I rang up Ringshall. Bet had had lunch and tea at Stutton and had gone for a sail with James and Awly. Everything had gone well.

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