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Week of 23 August 1954

Monday, 23 August

47 Hamilton Terrace - Elmhurst Farm

Left London in heavy rain by the 3.18 and was met by Reg at Horsham. After tea we went to Dann's field to see the new combine at work for the first time, but the mechanic was tinkering with it so we came back. Aperitif i nthe drawing room and early to bed.

A lovely welcome from Reg as always.

Tuesday, 25 August

Elmhurst Farm - Spa Hotel, Leamington

Woke to downpours which continued all day. Car went splendidly but Reg feeling poorly. Lunched at the Wee Wait near Wokingham. Very nice.

After failing to get in at various places, ended up at the Spa Hotel, Leamington, where we had a very good dinner and comfortable rooms.

Mileage about 120. We ran through Surrey, Sussex, Oxford, Berkshire and Warwickshire.

Wednesday, 25 August

Spa Hotel, Leamington - Spa Hotel, Buxton

Lunched at Litchfield and I (not Reg!) looked round the Cathedral. Reached Buxton about 4 o'clock and had some difficulty in finding the Spa Hotel where Reg and Aline had stayed. Finally got rooms there. Very nice hotel of the luxurious stamp.

Mileage 86. Ran through Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

Thursday, 26 August

Buxton - Abbeylands, Stackhouse

Stopped for scrambled eggs at an entrancing spot just in Cheshire - Woodhead - by the reservoir and near the new tunnel. After that the drive became tiring. Hellish going through Huddersfield but we finally arrived here at teatime and found all the family very well and very welcoming.

Friday, 27 August

Abbeylands, Stackhouse

Reg turned up after lunch. He had had a glorious walk and was feeling much better and in very good spirits. He drove us all (except Bram and Paul!) to Settle where I made an appointment with a chiropodist for tomorrow, and we got toys and ices for the children. Home to tea and later Bram turned up and he and Reg took a walk.

Saturday, 28 August

Had a pleasant morning helping Anne in the kitchen. Bram came back for lunch and afterwards took Sarah and Peter to an agricultural show. Reg turned up soon afterwards and he and I worked on Mab's accounts till he drove me to Settle to get my corns cut. All of us back to tea and afterwards I took Reg over Mr Clay's rock gardens. He went back to the Falcon? Hotel immediately after supper. He has not shaken off his chill.

Sunday, 29 August

A wet morning. Reg gave up his walk and came over about 11 à'clock and stayed for lunch. Afterwards he and Bram drove me over the moors to see Mr Fletcher's farm but were back for tea and afterwards Reg was able to have his walk. In the afternoon Anne and I and the children went down to the weir. The river was a magnificent sight.

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