Sunday, 9 December 2012

Week of 30 August 1954

Monday, 30 August

Abbeylands, Stackhouse

I still feel overtired and was in bed when Reg came over to start on a walk. Afterwards he lunched with us and then went back to his hotel. In the evening Bram and Anne and I drove over and dined with him. The evening went very well and we all enjoyed it.


Tuesday, 31 August

Abbeylands - Ram Jam Inn, Stretton, Rutland

Bram drove me over to the Falcon Hotel and Reg and I pushed off at 9.30. The rain had almost stopped by then. We made good going along the Great North Road and lunched at the Punch Hotel beyond Doncaster. We reached the Ram Jam Hotel, Stretton, Rutland at 4.30. Quite delighted with it. A lovely garden, and very nice rooms and tea and dinner super. Reg had a walk after tea. Scotch salmon and duck for dinner!

Ram Jam Hotel

Wednesday, 1 September

Ram Jam Inn - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Slept beautifully and woke to a fine morning. We pushed off at 10.15 and there were quite pretty bits along the Great North Road. Lunched at transport café near Mill Hill. Excellent meal and of course very cheap. Reg deposited me at Dorking at 4 pm and we had tea in the hotel close by whilst waiting for my 5 o'clock train. Reached home at 6 and fell into a bath as it had been terribly hot.

We ran through 17 counties on our way up and down. A very happy trip.

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