Thursday, 20 December 2012

Week of 24 January 1955

Thursday, 27 January

47 Hamilton Terrace

Went to Brompton Sq. Bank in morning, lunched at Jane Brown, had tea in my bedroom, and James and Awly came to supper - the last before she leaves the War Office. A very pleasant evening. Bet rang up to say that Barnaby was much better and would come up tomorrow.

Friday, January 28

Got Barnaby's lunch down at Clifton Road in morning. He arrived 12.30 - very nice looks and manners but caughing a lot [a smokers' cough? - ed] Saw him off at Paddington at 1.45 and then straight on to Lil's. Rang Bet up in the evening to tell her that B had got off OK.

Saturday, 29 January

Pippa rang up in the evening to say that their Pakistan news was at last released.

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