Monday, 17 December 2012

Week of 29 November 1954

Monday, 29 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Wilma slept here

Wilma arrived about 12 o'clock looking so well and nice. We lunched early and afterwards shopped in Oxford St and Regent St. Never again! I was completely flattened but it was almost worth it as we had some big successes. I got a Yugo-Slav rug to give to Dickie and Hester.

Tuesday, 30 November

Wilma slept here

Listened in to the presentation of book and picture to Sir Winston on his 8àth birthday in Westminster Hall. Very moving. Wilma did a long day's shopping and lunched with Jo Bawtree. Came back for tea. Geraldine arrived later and after an early supper they went to the Haymarket to see The Matchmakers and greatly enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 1 December

Wilma slept here

I shopped locally in the morning and after lunch got a red umbrella at John Lewis for Pippa's Christmas present. Wilma started off early to shop, lunched with Enid, had tea with Maband did not get back till 6 o'clock - very tired. James and Awly dined here. Everything quite pleasant but Wilma and I thought it was rather a sticky evening, perhaps because we were tired.

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