Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Week of 6 December 1954

Monday, 6 December

47 Hamilton Terrace - Elmhurst Farm

Caught the 3.18 train to Horsham where Reg met me. A great welcome and a very happy evening together. Cold pheasant!

Tuesday, 7 December

Elmhurst Farm

Walked round the farm and talked to Berry the new Cowman and Steer the odd job man. After lunch we drove into Horsham and bought cards etc. Another very nice evening.

Friday, 10 December

Elmhurst Farm - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Caught the 10.48 to Victoria and got home to find all well. I have been busy all evening and had a very nice ring from Pips telling me in the strictest privacy that Nicky is to be head girl of the whole college next term.

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