Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Week of 28 February 1955

Monday, 28 February

47 Hamilton Terrace

Awly slept here

I went to War Dept., Lansdowne House, Berkely Sq in the morning. Most satisfactory interview. No snag about my pension which should be fixed up in under 2 months.

James and Awly drove me to St Martin's Theatre where I met Mabel for St Joan. Brilliantly acted by Siobhan McKenna. I phoned Maud Grazebrook to get Sir Travers Clarke's address, but heard she had been in hospital with a stroke since before Christmas.

Tuesday, 1 March

Awly slept here

James and Awly dined here. She has done a tremendous lot of shopping.

Wednesday, 2 March

Awly slept here, also Petal Biegel

Petal Biegel came up this morning and Awly met her at Waterloo. I got my signature for pension witnessed by the local commissioner of oaths.

Geraldine came here after lunch and drove me to the Casino to see Cinerama. Amazing but frightfully exhausting. We got back about 5 o'clock and found Awly and Petal at tea. P is frightfully nice.

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