Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Week of 4 April

Monday, 4 April 

47 Hamilton Terrace

Awly slept here

Bet and Awly met Alice at Liverpool St after an early breakfast and shppped very successfully, got back for tea. James drove Bet and Alice to Liverpool St to catch the 7.30 home.

Wednesday, 6 April

Awly slept here

Awly shopped morning and afternoon. James and Blue Daniel here for drinks and all three went off together for drinks.

Friday, 8 April

Bet and Johnny slet here

I went to St Martin's for the Three Hour Service held by Canon Raven. I sat by Enid. We only stayed for 2 hours and afterwards lunched at Lyons. I came back and rested till Bet and Johnny arrived at 5.30. Johnny in tearing spirits and Bet keeping up wonderfully. We rang up Hester and heard she was still in bed, and had been sharply ill with Bornholm's disease. She is better now.

Saturday, 9 April

Enid slept here

An Alliance Car came at 7.30 and drove Bet and Johnny to Goodge St for the start of his journey. She was back here by 9 o'clock. We shopped and made lists for the wedding and she left at 12 o'clock for Suffolk. bet rang up in the evening. She had phoned Hester who was better and up for a little but having daily penicillin.

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