Sunday, 27 January 2013

Week of 6 June 1955

Wednesday, 8 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

Fine early, heavy rain and thunderstorms later. Lunched with Lil who was better. Heard that Pips was up in town and would come to tea. I got home about 3 and she turned up at 4.30 - looking very nice and well. Maud Wethered came to supper but by that time I was very tired and did not enjoy the evening and found it very difficult to hear her. Reg phoned up and asked me to go with him to The Lark on July 7th - if he can get tickets.

Saturday, 11 June

Kenneth Green (old Blue and portrait painter) called for me at 9 am. We picked up his friend John Hunt (old Blue and pianist) and all three drove down to CH, stopping at Horsham for coffee. 

A sunless speech day. I greatly enjoyed it. All four Fleckers at their best and so very kind and considerate. Lovely eats. I got home just before 9 o'clock and Kenneth Green came in for a drink. It was a happy day though of course tiring.

Sunday, 12 June

Woke to a horribly cold, wet, dark morning. Went to church and then on to lunch with Lil - she was having a bad sad day. Then on to tea with Mabel who also looked very poorly and was having horrible nausea.

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