Monday, 11 February 2013

Week of 13 June 1955

Tuesday, 14 June

47 Hamilton Terrace

A dreary day climatically and in all respects as I slept badly and felt a poor thing. Lost a thousand franc note in Edgware Road this morning but am fairly straight now and shall go to bed early.

Railway strike called off this evening so we had to alter our arrangements as our train will leave earlier.

Wednesday, 15 June

London - Dieppe

Slept well. Felt much better. Got up at 6.30. An Alliance Car called for me at 8.45 and I met Mabel at Victoria station and we got seats together in an almost empty train. Both in good spirits. Fine morning. Took quells in the train. Good crossing and eat our picnic lunch on board. Great disappointment on arriving at the Hotel de l'Univers. Mabel's first floor room overlooking the sea not available and she had to make do with a back room on my second floor, as she absolutely refused to take mine. We went into the town and had chocolate and croissants. We are liking everything (with reservations).

Thursday, 16 June

Hotel de l'Univers, Dieppe

Very comfortable beds and I slept well, Mabel moderately so. We greatly like the friendly atmosphere and the food, but we both felt very tired and just explored the dear little town, rested in afternoon, and went to another shop for tea.

Lovely weather but we both felt depressed and rather off the place.

Friday, 17 June

We sat on the beach in the morning and greatly enjoyed getting right down to the sea at last, and watching French families bathing. After the usual rest we had tea again at our first shop (Gruck? Quick?) and sat out on the sea front. We are getting very fond of everything. If only Mabel had a better room and light!!

Another lovely day

Saturday, 18 June

Another lovely day. We spent the morning in the market which is huddled against the Eglise St Jacques. We were fascinated with the colour and gaiety of it all, and Mabel at last got a gant de toilette.

Had tea in yet another tea shop and did some writing in our nice little front garden. Later I walked to the end of the pier. A bit far but worth it.

Sunday, 19 June

A grey close morning and both felt exhausted and rather depressed.all day. I spent the morning in the garden and Mabel went to the Temple Protestant and heard an interesting reading of a meditation by Kiergergaard. In the afternoon it poured and we had tea in my room. Afterwards we braved the torrents and Mme de la Milli-re lent Mab an umbrella as she thought she had left hers in the church. Happily a false alarm.


Eglise St Jacques, Dieppe

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