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Week of 21 November 1955

Tuesday, 22 November

47 Hamilton Terrace

Geraldine turned up in her car and we went to the Festival Hall for the Sunday Times book exhibition. We heard John Betjeman read his poems and had tea in the restaurant and looked out over the river. Very pleasant. Wilma phoned and I am putting up Tess and Jo for the night tomorrow on their way to Paris.

Wednesday, 23 November

Tess and Jo Bawtree slept here

Tess, Jo and Mabel all arrived simultaneously and we had drinks before Tessa and Jo left for shopping. Mab lunched but left afterwards for a lecture. I started with her and bought a picture book for Louise.

Thursday, 24 November

47 Hamilton Terrace - Studley Priory

Tess and Jo departed  9.30. I left Paddington by the 11.45 train and Wilma met me at Oxford at 1 o'clock. She has a horrid rash and is to see a specialist at the Ratcliffe Hospital on Monday. Hotel completely empty, which is very restful. Lovely sky.Wilma and I had long talks and I enjoyed being there immensely, but felt very tired.

Friday, 25 November

Studley Priory - Notley Mead

Sumptuous breakfast brought up to me. Sent off a lot of picture postcards and walked round the garden with Wuff. After lunch (drinks in bar first) went with Wuff and Joyce to the Village Hall and saw the WI Coronation Screen? - a wonderful piece of work. Rested till teatime when Hester and Louise arrived. Louise also has a rash! We reached Notley about 6.30.

Saturday, 26 November

Notley Mead

I spent a busy morning writing airmail letters. In the afternoon Hester drove me to Thame and Louise sat on my lap whilst H shopped. Lovely meals and a blazing log fire.

Sunday, 27 November

Notley Mead - 47 Hamilton Terrace

Dickie went over to Stratford to collect surplus luggage for Larry and Vivien and Hester took me on a pretty drive to drop cream at a pub and Louise fell asleep on my lap. After lunch we went round the gardens and after tea Hester drove me to Aylesbury where I caught a train for Baker St, and I left my umbrella in the carriage! Got home about 8 o'clock.

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