Saturday, 30 March 2013

Week of 28 November 1955

Thursday, 1 December
47 Hamilton Terrace
After a successful morning's shopping in Oxford St, came back to find that a bogus window cleaner had been (and gone) and had taken mother's gold and pearl star. Rang up the police who came immediately and Awly arrived at lunch to find a police car at the door. She was much impressed. In the afternoon a plain clothes detective came. Very pleasant. Awly left after tea. Clara of course interrogated.
Sunday, 4 December
Nicky slept here
Nicky turned up at 10.30 with her CH friend Ian Pitter. She brought him in for a drink but I did not of course see him. She was looking very handsome and had greatly enjoyed her weekend at CH, but was very tired after two consecutive dances.

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