Thursday, 28 March 2013

Week of 7 November 1955

Monday, 7 November

47 Hamilton Terrace 

Shopped in the morning and got Nicky a black stole for her birthday at Peter Jones. Finished The Black Eye of Africa. Very well worth reading in spite of Kingsley Martin.

Tuesday, 8 November

Awly came to lunch and afterwards went with me to Herd and Walker and helped me choose a button-up cardigan for myself, and one for hester's birthday. She told me her news which did not come to me as a surprise! They seem very happy about it.

Friday, 11 November

I met Enid at the Academy Cinema for the mid-day performance of Marcelino - a very beautiful Italian film [Spanish actually] with a marvellous little boy as chief actor.

Saturday, 12 November

Went to tea with Enid and a delightful time, and attacked Christmas lists. In the evening Wilma rang up and it is arranged that she should come up on Monday 5th December for a week. Lovely. Semi-arranged that I should spend a night at Studley if I go to Notely between this and then.

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