Friday, 19 April 2013

Week of 16 January 1956

Monday, 16 January
Bought a spec-cord at Selfridges and hope not to lose my glasses in future. Awly and Rudge turned up soon after 5 and had tea, but Barnaby sobbed a bit upstairs. James turned up later and after drinks he and Awly left. Rudge became much more cheerful and cnversational. He had an early bath and bed, and was soon fast asleep.
Tuesday, 17 January
Poor Barnaby very low. I found him crying on the floor when I went in this morning. He said he had a headache and a pain in his tummy but I think it was mainly homesickness. I gave him his breakfast in bed and when Awly arrived she gave him an aspirin and he improved during the morning. We had a very early lunch and then they went to Paddington, and later Awly rang up to say he had quite cheered up when he met the other boys. Dolly Ettinger came to tea. I felt over-tired and depressed.
Wednesday, 18 January
James Flecker slept here
Got letter from James asking me to put him up tonight. Found James here when I got back from Enid at 4 o'clock. We had tea together and he then went off to meet friends and go to a show. I did a lot of writing and accounts.

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