Thursday, 18 April 2013

Week of 9 January 1956

Monday, 9 January
47 Hamilton Terrace
Nicky and Alice slept here
Awly and Alice turned up about 4 pm, James about 6.30 and they had supper and went off immediately afterwards to the Leicester Square cinema to see Richard III. Alice came back enthusiastic. Nicky turned up at 7.30 from Glastonbury where she had been at a Bible Conference.
Tuesday, 10 January
Nicky and Alice slept here
Nicky and Alice slept very late and Nicky did not leave the house till after lunch for her dentist's appointment. Back for a hasty tea before leaving for Anthony Roberts's coming of age party, Troilus and Cressida, etc. Alice met Awly at Swan and Edgar and they shopped and lunched together. She spent the afternoon here and Awly and James fetched her in the evening and took her to the Devine? dance.
Wednesday, 11 January
Alice left at 11 o'clock to meet Mary O'Neill and Silvia. They lunched and went to a film (Glory) and arrived here for a very late lunch. Nicky departed at 3 pm to meet James at Victoria en route from Switzerland to Eveline?. Alice and Ihad an early supper and afterwards listend-in to Yehudi Menuhin playing the Mozart Violin Concerto No. 1, I in bed and she in a dressing-gown in my room.
Thursday, 12 January
Alice slept here
Hester, Awly and Monga turned up about 12 o'clock and we had an early lunch, and then they left with Alice to choose her a tweed suit, etc. Monga slept most of the afternoon and they all got back to tea after which Hester and Monga left to catch the 6 o'clock train home.
Friday, 14 January
Alice left at 9.30 to catch the 10 à'clock train from Marylebone to Aylesbury. Shopped locally in morning and found a letter on my return from Bet enclosing such a nice one from Pont, asking me to fly out to Tripoli and pay them a visit! I feel very excited and shall go if possible. I rang up Reg and he is enthusiastically in favour. A long letter from Philippa giving a wonderful account of their travels.

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