Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Week of 19 December 1955

Wednesday, 21 December

47 Hamilton Terrace

James Flecker slept here

James went of at 8.30 for shopping and dentist before going down to CH for lunch. Turned up at 6.30 before dashing off to his prep school dinner at the Criterion. He got back at 11 o'clock. He had enjoyed his first public dinner and went on afterwards to Trafalgar Square to see the Christmas Tree and floodlighting.

Thursday, 22 December

Great difficulty in getting a taxi to 36 Stanhope Gardens. A great relief to see Awly fit and well and quite unaware that their phone had been out of order for the last 3 days!!!

Friday, 23 December

Nicky turned up in the morning to change out of trousers and into a skirt and then dashed off to meet a Franciscan friend. She came back after lunch for her luggage but I did not see her as I was giving Awly lunch at the Rice Bowl. They have taken a furnished flat at Clive Court from Feb to Oct so we shall be near neighbours. Later I phoned Anne and Hester to say Happy Christmas.

Sunday, 25 December

Lovely day. The sunniest Christmas since 1909. Mabel went to both services at St Martins, I ditto at St John's Wood. Finally we met Lil at Harrington Gardens Hotel where Mab stood us a fine meal of turkey pudding, crackers, etc. Afterwards we listened to the Queen in her bedroom.

Later troubles began. We had not realised that taxis would be non-existent and finally had to walk to Lil's flat - a feat for Lil who is terribly lame - and had a welcome tea in her kitchen. Got home after 6 o'clock to find a Christmas wire from Pips. We had supper and finally at long last opened our presents.

Saturday, 31 December

A sunny Swiss day. I have had very happy family letters. I sat in the firelight and thought over the events of the past year. A very eventful one for all my family.

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