Friday, 17 May 2013

Week of 26 March 1956

Tuesday, 27 March
47 Hamilton Terrace
Anne slept here
Anne turned up about 4 o'clock. She had had bad neuritis but was better. Bram and Peter rang up in the evening and it was agreed that Anne and Sarah should travel home on Good Friday instead of on Thursday. A lovely plan and we had a very happy evening together.
Wednesday, 28 May
Anne and Wilma slept here
Anne woke with migraine but kept it under with her new medicine. She met Sarah at Liverpool St at 9.30 and they shopped at Harrods and did a short film and got back about 3 o'clock. I was very busy getting tea ready, cutting sandwiches, etc. Wuff arrived at 3.30 laden with presents, flowers, eggs and a lovely cake from Studley. We kept my birthday today though I shall be 80 till tomorrow. Enid, Lil, Mabel and Awly all came to tea and brought me the most lovely presents. After supper, Anne, Wilma and Sarah walked over to Clive Court where Sarah is sleeping.

Presents for 80th birthday

  • 2 large cushions from Mabel
  • White lamp and shade from Enid
  • Sherry glasses from Lil
  • Wide cashmere scarf from Pippa
  • 2 knitted scarves from Anne
  • Bowl for flowers from Bram
  • Knitted scarf from Sarah
  • Roses from Peter and Paul
  • Knitted bed jacket from Wilma
  • Breakfast cup and saucer from Wilma
  • Pottery flower basket from Tess Bawtree
  • Marmalade from Tess Bawtree
  • Flowers and cake from Studley
  • Lavender bath powder from Clara
  • White scarf from hester
  • Pot of white azalea from Awly and James
  • Iris and daffodils from Nicky and James
Telegrams from Pakistan, Dan Farson and the Matriarch

Thursday, 29 March
Anne and Sarah slept here
I am 80 today. Anne, Wilma and Sarah shopped in the morning. Dickie, Hester and Louise turned up about 11 o'clock, Alice later having managed to lose herself! Then Awly with the most gorgeous pot of azalea for me. Letters, flowers and telegrams kept coming all the time. Only Anne, Wilma and Sarah lunched here but the others came back afterwards. Wilma drove back in Dickie's car. After an early tea Anne, Sarah and I went to the Academy to see Autumn manoeuvres. Very good. It has been a very happy day.
Sunday, 1 April
Awly and James and Barnaby turned up soon after 3 o'clock and Alice half an hour later. We had an early tea, then packing, card playing, piano and an early supper and bed. Everyone in great form.

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