Sunday, 12 May 2013

Week of 19 March 1956

Monday, 19 March
Villa Potenza, Tripoli
A gorgeous Riviera-like morning, and we walked down as usual to the Cathedral Square and had coffee, and I bought a few odds and ends and came back by gharry.

Tuesday, 20 March
Bet took me on a delightful drive round by the harbour, the castle, the Marcus Aurelius Arch, the Church of St Francis etc. After tea Pont drove us all to 13 Kilometre Beach where we walked on the sand etc. Back to the flat to put Johnny to bed then off to dine at the Libyan restaurant, and afterwards to a frightful film to while away the time. Back to the flat again to collect my luggage. They drove me down to the Italian airport. A lovely night. We had coffee there and Bet saw me into the plane and we took off at 3 am Tripoli time.

Wednesday, 21 March
47 Hamilton Terrace
Reached London Airport at 8 am local time. We had breakfast at 6.30 - fruit salad, sausages, eggs and bacon, coffee, rolls, marmalade and croissants. Home by 10 am. Sarah came along later and brought me lunch. A lot of family telephoning.

Thursday, 22 March
Awly and James came to supper. A happy evening and they were both very useful and helpful about the plans for Alice and Barnaby's flight. Dickie rang up and told me Hester was in bed with flu. Anne and Bram also rang up  - also Reg who was very sorry to hear about Mab.

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