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Week of 2 July 1956

Monday, 2 July
Spent morning packing and changed money at Hotel de l'Epée, as all banks were closed on Monday. Lunched at the restaurant in our street and said goodbye to our hotel and Quimper with regret. Bussed to Concarneau and taxied up to the Atlantique. Heard we were in the annex which was a disappointment but were quite content with our rooms (adjoining)which look straight out on the little quay where the sardine fishing fleet comes in. A lovely outlook and full of life. Had tea in our rooms and unpacked. Dinner at the hotel was good but queer with the fish course after the dinner! Had a short stroll before dinner.
Tuesday, 3 July
Hotel Atlantique, Quimper
A wet morning which I spent in the bar, writing to Reg and having a Dubonnet. Mabel walked into town and bought picture postcards and a guide. After lunch and a rest we walked through the ville close, a wonderful place where we saw a funeral and I bought picture postcards. Then on to tea in town. Evening ended on a bad note as our annex stairs and passages were plunged in darkness and we had a job to find our rooms.
Wednesday, 4 July
We both slept well, and spent part of the morning  in complaining to the patronne of the dangerous darkness in the annex. She has promised to have it seen to, and has lent us a torch. We then went our separate ways till lunch and then after our rest, madame drove us down to the Plage where we had tea at a small hotel bang on the beach. Very pleasant in spite of the sunless weather. Then Michel (the patronne's son) fetched us and drove us back past the Beau Rivage Hotel where Margot and Joy had once stayed.
Weather seems more hopeless than ever and the inhabitants are very pessimistic. Had an interesting family post.
Thursday, 5 July
Mabel seedy with sore throat and diarrhea but no temp. She stayed in bed till lunch and only just came down for meals, and seems better this evening. I explored the harbour, got cigarettes for Reg, etc. Deplorable weather, cold and drizzling and not a ray of sun.
Friday, 6 July
A perfect day at last. Mab had a good night and woke practically all right. My night was short as i spent part of it by the window watching the sardine fleet pass by. A grand site. We spent the morning in the town cashing travellers' cheques and then in the ville close where I went up the ramparts (superb views) and Mabel talked English to some young locals.After lunch Michel drove us to Pont Aven where we walked by the river and then to Port Manech where we had tea at Tante Jeanne - I fell in love with the place. Quite the most beautiful we have seen. A lovely evening - the light over the harbour superb.
Saturday, 7 July
Another lovely day. In spite of a good night, I woke tired and did not go into "the town" at all. Just mooned about happily and had a Dubonnet in the annex bar. Mabel shopped before lunch. After tea we took a very nice walk towards the Grande Plage though we did not get so far, and after dinner we sat and talked with the grandparents of "Michelle" whom we always speak of as "Wilma" whom she resembles at 7 years old.
Sunday, 8 July
Concarneau - Tréboul
A glorious day for our last. A busy morning packing. Many alarms and Mabel lost a red purse (subsequently found) and we had great difficulty with the hotel bill!  Lunched early and Michel drove us down to the bus for Quimper which we reached in good time to catch the 2.10 bus to Douarnenez. Found no taxi to meet us there so phoned to the hotel and one soon arrived. The Tréboul beach was crowded and we were a bit disappointed in the look of our place and even in our rooms, but they really are very attractive with the sound and sight of the sea from our own beds. Fellow guests not attractive or interesting.

Grand Hôtel des Sables Blancs

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