Sunday, 30 June 2013

Week of 3 September 1956

Tuesday, 4 September
Riversdale, Long Preston - 47 Hamilton Terrace
A fine morning and I woke feeling quite different after my soneryl night. Packed early and took Peter down with me across the beck to fet final offerings in the village. Anne came to see us off at the station. The train was 20 minutes late.We had a most comfortable journey and had tea and dinner in the train.Reached home in downpours of rain.
Wednesday, 5 September
47 Hamilton Terrace
I felt dog tired all day in spite of a good night. Phoned to Awly who had returned yesterday from Notley. She told me Hester had had to back to hospital for a couple of nights. She came home on Sunday and seemed much the better for it. Lunched and had tea with Lil and then went to Dr Cove Smith's surgery. He is dead against my having a local anaesthetic and after a lot of phoning to Reg etc, I have decided to have another dentist who will give gas.

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