Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Week of 17 September 1956

Friday, 21 September
47 Hamilton Terrace
James Flecker arrived at 11.30. We had just an hour which we spent on the loggia. He looked very fit and it was lovely hearing all the news, but the time was far too short.
Saturday, 22 September
Alice slept here
Alice and Barnaby arrived 5.25 am and were in bed within 10 minutes. Hester arrived soon after 10 am but we did not waken them till 11 o'clock. Hester saw to everything and after an early lunch she and A saw B off at Paddington. He was much better this time - no tears. Hester caught a 5.20 train back from Marylebone but before that we walked round and looked at 19A Grove End Road, a half-house which Awly and James think of taking for 6 months.
Sunday 23 September
Alice slept here
Alice slept the clock round. We both went to our respective churches. Mabel lunched here and took A to the Tate Gallery which she greatly enjoyed. We sat out on the loggia after supper.

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