Friday, 6 September 2013

Week of 12 November 1956

Thursday, 15 November
Studley Priory - St George's Hospital
Hester fetched us at 10 am and we drove to Notley and deposited Johnny there, and then Dickie drove up up to the Hamilton where we lunched. Then Bet and I taxied to the hospital and she unpacked for me.
I am in a corner bed (No. 7) in the Ratcliffe - much nicer. Dr Bridgeman came to see me and of course said nothing beyond murmuring that he "was not frightened". Dr Welsh gave me an injection in the eyeball. Very painful. Enid and Mabel came to see me.
Friday, 16 November
St George's Hospital
Mr Bridgeman saw me again and I had another injection. Cortisone this time. Beastly, but the pain did not last so long. Lil came in the evening.
Saturday, 17 November
Eye much more comfortable. No injection thank goodness.
A letter from Pippa to say she would be arriving at the Hamilton on Monday December 3rd. Hurrah!

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