Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week of 11 March 1957

Monday, 11 March
47 Hamilton Terrace
Much better and came down for lunch.
Pippa's birthday. I had sent her a cable.
Tuesday, 12 March
Went to Bridgeman at 12 o'clock. He gave my eye a tremendous examination. Puzzled and disappointed at the slowness of progress but is sure all will be well and before many months. He is making an alteration in my specs and will see me again in a month.
Geraldine spent the evening with me, brought me flowers from the garden, read aloud to me and saw to the supper. O'Farrell also came to discuss doing up tenants' rooms.
Wednesday, 14 March
A ghastly blow. Clara heard that she was to go to Moorfields on Saturday! Anyway she says that is impossible (too short notice) so I shall a little respite but I fear not long.

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