Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week of 18 March 1957

Monday, 18 March 
Monday, 18 March
Nicky slept here. Also Miss Stack
Bet shopped with me in Edgware Rd this morning and we were successful in getting all the necessaries for the basement rooms. She and Pont left after lunch for Stowmarket. Nicky turned up about 6 o'clock, Miss Stack about an hour later. I rang up Cove Smith and fixed up to see Alice on Tuesday 2 April and phoned Bet to say what had been arranged.
Friday, 22 March
I set out on the loggia after lunch. Mabel came out for tea and Miss Stack joined us before leaving for Darlington. She gave me lovely goodbye flowers. Typewriters, wireless and some clothes were collected for the church jumble sale tomorrow. Hester rang up and begged me to go down and stay for as long and as often as I liked. My golden girl!

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