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Week of 1 April 1957

Monday, 1 April
47 Hamilton Terrace
Bet, Alice and Nicky slept here
Bet and Alice turned up unexpectedly at 1 o'clock. Not cadging for lunch, but luckily I had just brought back some cold stuff. Awly came in for coffee. Then B&A went shopping. They (Nicky too) got back for tea. She had been down to the British Museum. Later she and Alice went off to the theatre and Bet and I had supper here. Hester phoned. She is coming up tomorrow.
Tuesday, 2 April
Nicky slept here
A great family day and a lovely sunny one. Hester turned up soon after 10 o'clock, looking very sweet. After hot drinks the four of them (including Awly) left for a very successful day's shopping. Had a bumper tea here and afterwards Nicky went home, and later Bet and Alice. Later still, Nicky returned after a long day's work at the British Museum.
Friday, 5 April
Nicky slept here
Slept well and was able to cope successfully with the "cocktail party" which I think went well. We were 8. Nicky and self, Awly and James, John and Joan Sherwood, Nigel Hensman (one of Nicky's friends) and Edward Fitzgerald - Lil's great nephew. The house looked its best and was tremendously admired and I was very proud of my sandwiches.
Saturday, 6 April
Nicky lunched here and afterwards met Bruce somebody. They had a late tea in the dining-room and after supper they went to The Dance of the Toreadors, and were then going back to his home at Brentwood.

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