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Week of 8 April 1957

Monday, 8 April
47 Hamilton Terrace
Very busy all day. Saw Mr Bridgeman in afternoon. Very non-committal and rather depressing. I went on to Hamblin to have my long-distance specs altered. When I got home I found James Flecker just arrived from his working tour in Germany and on his way down to Somerset. A call from Hester to say that Louise was ill with a high temperature, so Mab will not go down tomorrow but wants me to carry on with my visit.
Tuesday, 9 April
47 Hamilton Terrace - Notley Mead
Rang up Notley at 7 am and heard that Monga was much better. Caught 10 am train to Aylesbury where Dickie met me. Very cold and sunless but the house was warm and everything as attractive as ever. Louise up and about. The doctor came in the evening. She was normal but he gave her another injection of penicillin. A very happy day for me and I had a long rest, and feel less tired already.
Thursday, 11 April
Notley Mead
Lovely sunny day but still bitterly cold. We lunched early and Hester drove over to Studley and brought Wilma back. She and I had a tête à tête tea as Dickie has gone to Eastbourne to see his stepmother, and Hester and Louise were having tea in Eastbourne with a Miss Hamilton - Louise's future headmistress!! Afterwards I drove back with Wuff to Studley and had a word with Tess. Enid is 85 today.
Friday, 12 April
Nice day but very cold. We were in Thame in the morning and afterwards drove to meet Dickie who had broken down.
Hester showed me over the Abbey as the house was quite empty.
Sunday, 14 April
Hester and Louise took me to morning church in Thame. After lunch Larry and Vivien and a girl looked in for a minute . We lay out on the lawn and had tea out. Later Dickie and Monga drove over to fetch Wilma. We had a very nice evening and a lovely supper. Wilma had brought over a bottle of Yugoslav hock. Delicious.

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