Saturday, 25 January 2014

Week of 22 July 1957

Monday, 22 July
47 Hamilton Terrace
Nicky. and Angela slept here
A fine day. Betty left after breakfast to Ramsgate. Nicky arrived about 11 o'clock and had an early lunch on the loggia before going off for their final rehearsal. The first performance of The Rake's Progress is tonight at Sadler's Wells. James came in later and we had a drink and she told me all about the Notley party.
Tuesday 23 July 
Nicky, Angela and Bet slept here
Bet return from Ramsgate about 7 o'clock – very pleased with it all. Bet rang up Notley and arranged to go there tomorrow. James will drive her down.
Wednesday 24 July
Nicky and Angela slept here
Nicky came back for a rest, and then had an early tea with Bet and me, before Bet left to meet James at Victoria to drive down to Notley.
Edward Fitzgerald fetched me in his estate wagon and drove me and an elderly woman to Sadler's Wells. A very interesting evening. We brought Nicky back. Not in bed till midnight. Very late for me.
Friday 26 July
Bet, Barnaby and Johnny slept here
A cool blustery day. Much coming and doing. Betty arrived first, then the boys, then Nicky and lastly Angela. Hester sent lovely flowers, honey, mayonnaise, salad. Betty took the boys out to lunch and then to Gorringe for Barnaby's school outfit. They came back for tea, and afterwards played in the garden. We had a delicious Notley supper.
Sunday 28 July
Betty, Alice, Barnaby and Johnny slept here
Bet very busy with packing and preparations and coping with lunch both here and over the way. James brought Awly and Angus back for lunch and Jamie and Elois turned up about 6 PM. Awly came over later for a drink. Alice and Barnaby went to Liverpool Street to retrieve Alice's suitcase and Barnaby spent most of the afternoon at King's Cross spotting engines. Alice went to see Gone with the Wind in the evening.

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