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Week of 15 July 1957

Monday, 15 July
47 Hamilton Terrace
Nicky and Angela slept here
Nicky and Angela went off to rehearsal immediately after breakfast and again this evening.
Tuesday, 16 July
Nicky and Angela slept here
Dickie and Hester and Louise came up for the day and lunched at Awly's. Nicky and I had tea together and afterwards I went over the way and saw them all. Hester had brought some lovely flowers and salads. She was looking so pretty. Bet came over here after supper.
Wednesday, 17 July
Nicky and Angela slept here
Clara came back, much the better for her holiday.
Nicky and Angela came back for a very late supper after a heavy day of rehearsals.
Thursday, 18 July
Nicky and Angela slept here
Bet did my local shopping and Wilma and Wilma arrived about 10.30 and we talked till she dashed off to do some shopping before lunch. Afterwards, Bet, she and I bussed down to Wigmore St where Bet helped me choose material to recover my eiderdown. Then I returned home and afterwards Bet and Wuff shopped together. Nicky came back for a late tea before going to supper with Edward Fitzgerald. Wuff went over the way for drinks and then, after supper, left to catch the 9.50 train back to Oxford.
Friday, 19 July
Nicky, Angela and Alice slept here
Sarah arrived about 11 o'clock and Alice an hour later. They both lunched here and then Bet took Alice off to shop, and then she joined Mon to go to a film. I saw Sarah off at Victoria by the 3.20 train to Ramsgate. She went over to see Awly and is to be godmother to Angus - very pleased.
Sunday, 21 July
Bet slept here
James drove me to church and I stayed for both services. James drove Awly and Angus down to Notley in the afternoon. Bet was down at Langford Grove for the school play and got back here in time for supper.

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