Thursday, 20 February 2014

Week or 5 August 1957

Monday 5 August
47 Hamilton Terrace
A fine day and I felt less tired. After an early lunch I went down to Mab's hotel and sat with her till I drove with her Victoria and saw her off by the 9.18 train to Horsham. No crowd anywhere. James and Johnny MacLachlan arrived about 6 o'clock for a few minutes on the way to the Isle of Harris. Angus still off-colour. All arrangements fixed for Richard Stokes's funeral on Wednesday. I rang Hester and arrange go down to them for the weekend.
Saturday 10 August
47 Hamilton Terrace– Notley
A dark and dismal morning and woke pretty terribly tired. Caught a 10 o'clock train to Aylesbury where Hester and Louise met me. Caroline welcomed me in her pram, as delightful as ever. Dickie as friendly as ever and looking very fit. I rested in the afternoon and had been going on the cream rounds later with Dickie but that fell through as Hester had to show some antique dealers round the Abbey. A phone talk with Wilma on our way to bed! A super dinner! What a chef Hester is!

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