Friday, 18 April 2014

Week of 11 November 1957

Thursday, 14 November
47 Hamilton Terrace
Hester and Louise turned up at 11 o'clock and we had such a happy time together. They went back on the 4.50. After lunch we left Monga in Clara's charge and Hester and I went to Oxford St where she greatly helped me with Xmas and Mab's birthday.
Awly rang up to know if I could put her up tomorrow on her way up to Scunthorpe. I would rather have had Wilma to myself but it's just one of those things.
Friday, 15 November
Wilma and Awly slept here
Awly turned up before 6 o'clock  and had tea, but I had not waited for her. We had finished supper so were able to attend to Wilma's when she turned up soon after 8 o'clock. They both looked splendid and greatly enjoyed meeting. I left them talking and went to bed early. Awly had a long phone talk with Hester.
Saturday, 16 November
Awly caught a 10.20 train to Doncaster, and Wilma shopped fruitlessly in Oxford Street. After lunch she went to meet some unknown friends (to me I mean!) but was back by 3.30, so was able to have an early tea and a talk before catching the 4.50 to Aylesbury. Rang up the London Hospital and heard that Patience was getting on well.

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