Friday, 18 April 2014

Week of 4 November 1957

Monday, 4 November
47 Hamilton Terrace
Wonderful news. Pippa and Oswald are flying back in December on 15 days' leave. Pippa will come 6 days earlier, arriving December 6th.
Thursday, 7 November
Coldest day yet. Have started fire in kitchen. Rang up Hester and found they have had to postpone their weekend in Ramsgate as Hester has been in bed since Monday - miscarriage!! She says she is much better and they are managing all right, though she feels very rocky.
Saturday, 9 November
Very cold but lovely and sunny for the Lord Mayor's show. I rang up Notley and Hester sounded much better. It is even possible she may come up with Monga on Wednesday.

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