Sunday, 25 May 2014

Week of 1 January 1959

Thursday, 1 January
47 Hamilton Terrace
Felt tired after short commons of sleep. Much colder.
Lunched with Lil. It was a wonderfully good day with her. Got back for tea. Hester rang up. She will be in town tomorrow and will look in tomorrow if she can find time.
Rang up Mabel. She sounded awfully sad.
Friday, 2 January
Alice slept here
Hester turned up, rather to my surprise, soon after 5 o'clock looking really lovely and less tired I thought than last time. Full of plans but nothing of course anything near fixed. She had to leave soon after 6 o'clock (she is staying with Vivien) so missed Alice who arrived half an hour later. She looks well I think. Unfortunately Mon is out of town, and she does not go down to Cheltenham till Monday afternoon, so there may be some time lag. Jo Bawtree rang up and will come to lunch tomorrow.
Saturday, 3 January
Alice slept here
A lovely frosty day. Alice shopped unsuccessfully at Harrods this morning, and met Jean who drove her back. Jo Bawtree came to lunch and brought me a lovely Italian towel. Alice and Edith went to a film.
Sunday, 4 January
Alice slept here
Alice, Edith and I all went to my church. After lunch, A and E went off together and Saw St Martin's , the abbey and then A went to tea with Pont's mother.

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