Monday, 26 May 2014

Week of 5 January 1959

Monday, 5 January
47 Hamilton Terrace
I saw Alice off at Paddington by the 2.15 to Cheltenham and then bought some birthday things for Anne before returning home. Anne rang up in the evening to ask if I could put Bram up tomorrow for one night or possibly two.
Tuesday 6 January
Bram slept here
Bram arrived soon after 6 o'clock. I think he looks well. Reg rang up so he was able to have a word with him which he always enjoys. We had supper in the kitchen.
Wednesday, 7 January
Bram slept here
Lil heard from Roddy that Diana has been operated on for bad appendicitis in a nursing home in Munich where they had just arrived on holiday. St Aubyn who lunched with Lil thinks it was probably peritonitis, but that all should now be well. Enid has had a fall today - only shaken but Eve phones she will rest tomorrow and not return till Friday.
Much family phoning. Reg was distressed. Aline's beloved dachsund has had to be put down. Bram failed to make any contacts today, but I think the change has done him good. He is dining with the Witts tonight. Pips phoned from Horsham. Just back after 2 days in Oxford.

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