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Week of 12 January 1959

Monday, 12 January
47 Hamilton Terrace
Sarah slept here
The thaw has come but it is a very cold thaw. I came down for lunch and have moved the furniture round the drawing room, and have managed to get the room warm, but have not felt up to much.
Sarah did not arrive till too late to go to The Reluctant Debutante, so she and Mon have gone to the Edgware Rd Odeon to see The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. No news from Notley, Lincoln or Cheltenham.
Tuesday, 13 January
Barnaby slept here
A lovely cold spread laid out for Barnaby and Johnny, but they had to go direct to Paddington. B rang up from there. Both very cheerful. Sarah and I had lunch together, and afterwards she went to a Mrs Peel? for an hour. Both she and B saw Reg who was here for a couple of hours. Sarah left for school at about 3.30. B spent the rest of the evening here and went to bed after an early supper. We talked to Hester who is to bring Louise up tomorrow to the circus and again on Saturday when Vivien is taking her to Peter Pan, and Huss will come to see me.
Wednesday, 14 January
James Flecker and Barnaby slept here
Rudge met a friend at Paddington and they did some train spotting and he came back for tea.
James Flecker arrived at 7.30 when we (Edith, Rudge and I) had already started supper in the kitchen. James's side won at hockey (Oxford v Bromley). Hester and Louise arrived to my astonishment at 11 am and sat with me for an hour - I was still in bed. Lots of news from Hester. Alice had spent the weekend at Notley. H may have to go up to Awly if she can't find anyone to run the house for her when the long delayed baby arrives. Her present woman has to leave on Sunday!
Thursday, 15 January
James slept here
A lovely Swiss day, but oh so cold! Barnaby left for Waterloo at 11.30 to leave his kit before going on to lunch with Bill Bentinck and then to Beaumont. Jounce also went to Waterloo en route for his hockey match at Woolwich, and finally I went to lunch with Enid.

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