Friday, 2 May 2014

Week of 2 December 1957

Friday, 2 December
47 Hamilton Terrace
Was in touch several times with BOAC and heard that Pippas's plane is not due till 2 am. Heard from Anne that Dickie had seen Johnny off in a BEA flight for Dusseldorf. Had to contact British Railways about A and B's journey out to Germany on December 20th. Was called by operator at 3 am (quite unnecessary as I had not slept), got up, filled Pips's barbie, made tea, attended to kitchen stove. At 4 am heard from BOAC she had not yet left the airport. She arrived at last at 5 am.
Saturday, 3 December
Pippa slept here
After practically a nuit blanche, I was completely flattened out, quite unable to enjoy Pippa or anything. She had hardly slept either but seemed very little affected, and shopped both morning and afternoon, and bought a red hat! In for lunch and tea, and after a very early supper, I went to bed and she coped with telephoning. Anne rang up and is coming up for the day on Wednesday.
Sunday, 8 December
Pippa and Nicky slept here
A very interesting sermon from Perry Gore on "Thou shalt not consult familiar spirits". Nicky and James turned up for lunch. Pippa saw James off at Liverpool St and then went on to tea with Enid. Nicky and I had a very pleasant tête à tête afternoon together. She is meeting Jonathan Threlwall? in Piccadily and they are joining a bugling party in the tube?

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