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Week of 9 December 1957

Monday, 9 December
47 Hamilton Terrace
Pippa and Nicky slept here
Neither Pippa nor Nicky lunched in but Pips was back for tea and the Boltons turned up soon afterwards and Nicky a bit later. We all had supper together but Nicky was called for soon afterwards by Jonathan to go dancing in the East End.
Tuesday, 10 December
Pippa and Nicky slept here
Nicky slept till 1 o'clock after a very late night. Pippa was out early and did not get back till teatime.
I was busy locally making arrangements for the lunch party tomorrow - Mabel, Pippa, Anne and myself. Altogether a happy day.
Wednesday, 11 December
Pippa and Nicky slept here
A very over busy morning getting ready for Mabel''s pre-birthday lunch. Anne (who came up for the day) arrived first at 12.30, Mabel and Pippa soon after. Clara gave us an excellent lunch, roast chicken with all the proper etc, raspberry tart and cream, washed down with sherry, bordeaux and coffee. Mabel was delighted with the red bucket bag, and bunch of lily of the valley which Pips gave her  as I thought she would like to change my string of pearls for larger ones. She taxied back laden with Wilma's magnificent cake. Pips and Anne shopped at Harrods aand were back for tea. Jonathan and a friend came in for drinks before collecting Nicky, and Anne left soon after.
Thursday, 12 December
Pippa, Oswald and Nicky slept here.
Bought a photo album at the Times Library for Awly's Xmas present. Oswald arrived at 7 pm, much later than expected. Pippa met him at the Terminus. He looks splendid. Nicky cooked the pork chops and we had a very good and cheerful meal.
Friday, 13 December
James Flecker slept here
Horribly wet day. I did not sleep well and felt awfully tired and depressed. P and O and Nicky and Jonathan had all left on their several ways before lunch. By the time James turned up before 9 pm I felt flattened out. I got him food in the kitchen and then went straight off to bed.

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