Thursday, 15 May 2014

Week of 23 December 1957

Monday, 23 December
47 Hamilton Terrace
Slept well and felt a lot better today. Shopped in morning and after an early tea drove into the Leinster Court Hotel and spent an hour with Lil. I was delighted with her improvement. She was up and dressed and we had a cheerful time and a drink. Have spent the day in the dining room - very warm and comfortable. After supper to my amazement I was rung up from Bet in Germany. It was delightful hearing her voice.

Wednesday, 25 December
I managed to get a taxi to and from church and stayed for both services. Very nice. Had a solitary lunch of shepherd's pie and rice pudding, listened to the Queen's Speech, and then started making preparations for the arrival of Pippa and Oswald. They turned up at 5  o'clock and had high tea, ham, salad, christmas cake before leaving 2 hours later for the Victoria terminal where Pippa rang up for an extra goodbye. We both felt sad, but there was no sense of strain

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